Candles Rainbow


Pack of 12 Rainbow Candles Includes candle holder.
Height: 7cm

This product is only available when purchasing a cake or gift.

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Candles Rainbow

Celebrate a birthday in style with this lovely pack of Rainbow candles. Perfect for adding a fun and vibrant touch to every kind of celebration cakes.


Candle Colour: Rainbow

Candle Height: 7cm


Safety Warning

FOR USE UNDER THE CONSTANT SUPERVISION OF A RESPONSIBLE ADULT. This candle is designed to be alight for no more than two minutes (enough time to sing happy birthday!) Remove any spilled wax before cutting and consuming the cake. Do not allow children to play with the candle. Ensure candles are placed well apart to avoid overheating. Ensure the candle is firmly positioned and straight before lighting. Burn away from draughts and flammable materials. Do not leave burning candles unattended. Never move burning candles. When extinguishing the flame, remain at a safe distance and take care not to blow molten wax towards people standing nearby. Beware of dripping wax. Do not re-use and dispose of safely.


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